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Meet the Team

Maurice D. Evans

Elite School Staffing CEO


Maurice D. Evans, a business owner, and entrepreneur is one of the founding members of Detroit Service Learning Academy ("DSLA"). As the founding board chair, Mr. Evans commanded and guided the development of a board of directors who were successfully engaged in the task and challenge of board governance. From the Academy's inception, Maurice's leadership resulted in consistent growth each year in student enrollment and achievement. This growth helped the Academy become a flagship of Michigan Public Academies and the Michigan Department of Education's first School of Excellence.


Unlike many Public-School Academies managed by large national Education Service Providers, DSLA's path to success took a different route. Under Evan's leadership, what initially began as a K-5 school governed by a national ESP soon became a self-managed independent organization. The results were a program that grew and flourished under the Academy Board's direct leadership led by Maurice Evans. His hands-on involvement with every aspect of the school's operations as the board chair allowed him to gain the knowledge and experience needed to sustain a stellar organization. Evan's lead the board in making strategic decisions over the years that have resulted in the Academy's record of outstanding achievement and academic accomplishments. This wealth of experience, coupled with his business acumen makes Maurice uniquely qualified. His expertise has provided the organizational skills and management leadership needed to assure that DSLA is the first choice of many parents seeking a quality education for their children.


Maurice has a proven track record as a business owner, mentor, manager, leader, and now founder and CEO of Elite School Management. Evan's insight and influential connections have made it possible for Elite School Management to secure some of its most successful and experienced individuals. Elite School Management, under the leader of this business maverick, is the future of education.




Leo Carr

President of Staffing


Leo Carr is the newly appointed President of Staffing. He joined the organization in October of 2018 and brings a diverse background in Sales, Recruiting, Training, and Program Management. He has worked in several industries during his career, holding Division Manager, Sales Supervisor, and Senior Account Manager positions throughout Flint, Saginaw, and Chicago, IL.

As an entrepreneur passionate about business development, Mr. Carr previously owned an Express Personnel Staffing agency. While there, Carr mentored other new franchisees and helped Express Personnel to expand in southeast Michigan.


Carr attended Michigan State University, and the University of Phoenix, where he earned a BS degree in Business Management. He has several certifications in recruiting, sales training, and business development.




Greg Allen

President of Marketing


Greg Allen started with Elite School Management in July of 2015. He was hired as the Service Learning Director and immediately implemented a new Service Learning program at Detroit Service Learning Academy and Redford Service Learning Academy. Mr. Allen's approach to service-learning focused on service projects' efforts to the local communities so the students could experience the change they wished to see in their neighborhoods. As a part of implementing a quality service-learning program, Mr. Allen also ensured that every project was infused into each of the classes’ daily curriculum; this allowed the students to see the real-life application of their classroom lessons and answer the age-old question of "Why do we need to learn this stuff?"


In addition, Mr. Allen took on additional responsibilities within Elite School Management to oversee the company's digital presence for all locations. Mr. Allen's hard work and dedication opened the door for promotion to the Elite School Management Executive Team in October of 2017, where he took on the role of President of Marketing for Elite School Management and its subsidiaries.